As a religious congregation, Sisters of Mater Dei Africa bears witness to Christ and His gospel.  The Sisters direct all their efforts to proclaim to the people the good news in their daily living and apostolic work, participating through the church in fulfilling God’s plan for the salvation of the world.

Sharing in the redemptive mission of Jesus Christ, the great teacher (Lk 4:31-32), healer (Mk 40:46-52), and helper (Mk 6:35-44), the congregation devotes itself mainly to:

  • teaching – evangelizing to all and educating children and youth, including teaching of catechesis
  • healing – ministering to the sick, particularly the infirm and elderly
  • helping – serving the poor and reaching out to the most vulnerable in society with compassion.

The Sisters of Mater Dei Africa are truly the daughters of Mary called as she was to the service of God in the wedding at Cana where the sisters imitate Mary as the model of their lives.