The spirit of the Institution is Love and Service. In living this spirit, the sisters imitate the faith of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the wedding of Cana when she interceded with Jesus to turn water into wine. The shame turned to sudden fame for the bridegroom and the head steward (cf. John 2:1-12).

This spirit is lived by fully following the Spirituality of Mary Mother of God.

Faith like that of the Blessed Virgin Mary enables us to say “YES” to God and commit ourselves to a life of love and service. Therefore, each Sister of Mary of Africa cherishes her vocation as a sign of God’s love.

In her daily ministry, a Sister of Mater Dei Africa strives to approach all peoples in truth, justice and generosity. Taking the Mother of God as her example of persevering love, she emulates her contemplative prayer and her life of faith by following her virtues of truthfulness, endurance and humility (cf. Luke 1: 46-56).