Three Sisters of Mater Dei Africa make their First Profession

Today, on the first day of January, 2024, we welcomed the first three professed Sisters of Mater Dei Africa: Sr. Miriam Kyalo, Sr. Purity Musilivi, and Sr. Brenda Mumia Were. Their vows were received by Mother Josepha, the Mother Superior of the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega in Kenya, who are helping to form/train our new congregation of women. The celebration took place at the Diocesan Cathedral and Mass was celebrated by the Right Reverend Rogath Kimaryo, Bishop of the Same Diocese. We had 75 guests from Kenya, including 25 nuns. We also had twelve priests who attended the Mass. Afterwards we had a great celebration in the Cathedral Hall with much eating, drinking, and dancing.

Our first three Sisters of Mater Dei Africa will now spend a year in Kenya for catechetical training. During that time we plan to finish the convent, so they will have a place to live, work, and worship when they return. The walls are already up and we are preparing to add the roof shortly.

We also received new novices into the Sisters of Mater Dei Africa. Our community is now as follows:
Aspirants: 6
Postulants: 4
Novices (1st year): 9
Novices (2nd year): 5
Sisters: 3

“Looking at what has happened today, and seeing everyone gathered here from Kenya and Tanzania, I recall what King David said in 2 Samuel 7:18, ‘Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that you have brought me to this point?’ This day will remain in my heart for a long time and maybe forever. I only see the wonder of God in my life and the growth of missionary work in the diocese of Same and Africa at large.”

-Fr. Mansuetus Setonga, Founder, Sisters of Mater Dei Africa