Temporary Convent for Kakamega Formators

Early this month we began renovation of a house in Same to serve as a temporary convent for use by the visiting Sisters of Mary of Kakamega (SMK) until a permanent convent can be built. The project is being managed in two phases:

In Phase 1 we will complete the kitchen, dining, and sitting rooms, as well as two self-contained bedrooms and an outdoor toilet for visitors. At that time, two formators from SMK will come to work with aspirants and other girls interested in joining the Sisters of MDA. We expect to finish Phase 1 in April.

In Phase 2 we will add two more self-contained bedrooms and a prayer room. At that time, two more Sisters from SMK will come to work and teach in the community, as part of their postulate. We are currently raising money for this phase and hope to complete construction by early next year.

Many thanks to the people who provided financial support for Phase 1 of this project, especially Fr. Ed Fitzpatrick from Iowa City, Iowa, in the U.S., and his many friends, who raised much of the needed funds.